AusComm: your fertiliser specialists

Since 2010 AusComm have made fertiliser easy for our clients. We source the right product at the right price and back it up with quality, personalised service that makes your fertiliser supply decision easy.

Our range includes, MAP and DAP, Zinc Compounds, Urea, Granular Sulphate of Ammonia, Muriate and Sulphate of Potash and specialist blends.

Our client base is mainly Eastern Australia based and besides supplying fertiliser, we provide market intelligence on international fertiliser price trends and movements. Allowing you to make informed decisions on your fertiliser requirements throughout the season.

The team at AusComm strive to provide a high level of personal service and meeting client expectations for product quality and delivery. Whether you’re a corporate farming operation or a family farming business, AusComm provide the same level of service to all clients.

If you’re interested in real service for your fertiliser, from the team who knows quality and how important price is, call AusComm today.